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How to choice right food printer ?

  • 2019-08-26 10:36:48

Now there is different food printer. Here we would like to introduce how to choice the right food printer.


For choice the right flatbed printer, we must know what kind of food you will print? . 

1.    1. If you want to cookies , small cake , macaron  chocolate etc , you can choice our DGT food printer . our hot selling  food printer is 210B , a4 size , very stable, following  is the link for your reference.



2. If you want to print big cake , we suggest you our a3 size food printer  330C

we can adjust the printer height according to your cake size .

following is link for your reference.


3. If you want to print coffee ,we suggest you coffee printer .


we can make different  food  jig according to your food shape .


Any question,welcome to send us email multi@multiflatbedprinter.com 

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