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What can the uv printer do for you ?

  • 2020-03-09 10:37:01

What can the uv printer do for you ?

A new secret rage has up surged and captured the market and 21+ industries have reported a drastic increase in profits using this magic tool. The secret unfolds and it is the UV Flatbed Printer and UV printer technology with which you can customize and personalize almost anything.
Just buy a UV Printer and all you need are quirky and out-of box ideas which will generate huge profits.The        UV-led ink dries up instantly giving a clearer, brighter and glossier image. Because of instant drying and faster printing, this compact tool is gaining popularity and benefitting umpteen commercial and industrial organizations. The best part is it is eco-friendlier than the earlier printers as it uses organic solvents. With its compact size and special applications like ADA compliant signage and Braille, you are sure to bountifully multiply your profits. Simply browse through the diverse applications of this magical product and you’ll be convinced that it surely can cast a spell bound effect on your profits.
1. Metal Industry       Initially thought to be a straight and boring industry, metal industry has now been revamped with customization. The clients can personalize and own military, aviation and commercial name plates. Talk about dog plates, microchips and dial faces, all can be successfully printed with the UV technology and given a new look.
2. Plastic and PVC industry       With its quick drying, UV printer has left the range of plastic products spellbinding for consumers. With customized name badges, photo-ids, luggage tags and the most special range of customized phone cases, the variety is endless. The designing and patterns are very unique to captivate the client.
3. Vinyl industry       With its different chemical composition, vinyl could never have been imagined to be customized. But the UV Printer has touched and amazed the Vinyl product makers. Tablet cases, laptop cases and vinyl stickers are a few enthralling products in this range where manufacturers have experienced huge profits.
4. Travel Industry       Can you imagine customizing the umpteen items that you can carry during the travel and make your holiday more exciting? To add memories to your most looked forward trip and track your luggage easily, get your suitcases and cabin luggage, luggage tags, travel sets, reading lamps, earplug cases, coin purses, travel adapters, document holders and passport holders printed with the design that you easily identify with. This industry has seen sky-touching profits with the UV Printers.
5. Electronic and Computer goods IndustryElectronic retailer is minting profits personalizing all kinds of gadgets in the field. Be it USB stick, cards and wristbands, headphones and cases, tablet pouches, gadgets, consoles, power banks, chargers, e-reader cases, smartphone screen protectors or even mini-audio speakers, all are customizable with UV Flatbed printers and have enabled increased profits for manufacturers/retailers.
6. Giftware       Add that personal touch or quirkiness to a gift and the receiver is likely to remember you for ages to come. With any kind of printing possible on books, fashion accessories, watches, make-up bags, canvas prints, photo frames and clocks, get them digitalized or personalized to make the recipient feel special. The giftware industry surely has witnessed huge success and higher margins of profits with the U printers.
7. Musical Instruments       Anyone who is keen on music would know the sentiments and value attached to a musical instrument.       What better way than being able to treasure them with your own name or logo! Check out the plectrums, loudspeaker surrounds, drumsticks, boxes and cases, headphones, effects pedals and parts of musical instruments and amplifiers with a personalized logo and feel proud about owning it.
8. Glass Industry       A thing as delicate as glass can be personalized or printed upon with this Flatbed technology UV printer. Take for example, the conversation starter glass artwork in your house or the delicate yet elegant wine glasses. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get your pattern or design engraved on them? Even full colored mirrors or cylindrical glasses are no exception to this new buzzword of personalization, customization and branding.
9. Ceramic tiles       Lo and behold as this new-age ceramic tiles unfolds its beauty and charm to add glory to your kitchen tables, hotplates and decorative pieces. The ceramic tile industry has seen an enormous profit rise with the UV Printers.
10. Interior Designing       It’s time to give your home that quirky, new-age contemporary look with beautiful designs, patterns and colors on the fabrics and textures. How about trying the metallic finish on wallpapers or customizing wall graphics for your kids’ bedroom! Let each nook and corner of your house speak about your personality and taste with the personalization by UV printers.
11. Promotional items       A huge range of promotional items like torches, cigarette lighters, key chains, key rings, bottle openers, cufflinks, buttons and badges, fridge magnets can be customized using the gloss and color inks and made them specially for customers.
12. MiscellaneousThe list is endless- golf ball printing, acrylic printing, plastic or metal signboards, awards and trophies, and textiles to name a few. The UV Printer technology can print just anything on all these products thereby increasing their market value and adding more profits to the industry’s kitty.

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